Aztec Door Cover
Door Privacy Cover
PEEPHOLES.CA offers peephole covers and door viewer
ornaments to add style and privacy to your front door
Why settle for a plain looking peephole viewer when you
can add a touch of elegance to your main door?
The plain standard peephole is found in almost any household front entrance door in
your neighborhood. It offers some degree of security and protection against home invasion
and forced entry. Many home owners have chosen to break the plain look of their front door
by adding their own personal touch with a unique piece of art from PEEPHOLES.CA to
enhance the look of their peephole.You may also choose to install a privacy cover plate to a
standard 9/16” (14mm) or 1/2” (12mm)door viewer for 100% privacy and security against
thieves and “peeping toms” using reverse peephole devices
to look into your front door without your knowledge.
Ocean Privacy Cover
Marine Privacy Cover
Privacy Cover
Love Privacy Cover
Sun Privacy Cover
ABOUT US specializes in door viewer covers and ornaments that will enhance the look and security of your front door.  These unique ornaments will transform the plain look of a standard door peephole into a beautiful solid cast brass design that reflects the taste and personality of the home owners inside. Besides providing solid protection to the peephole against intentional damage or vandalism from the outside, a door viewer cover will protect the privacy and security of the inside against home invasion and devices such as reverse peepholes spy gadgets used by law enforcement and potential peeping toms.





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